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The Premise


  • A combination of author-based (Dr. Jennifer Joy Brenley Nyhof) and curated, user | viewer | reader supplied content (voluntary submission, initiated based on established writing prompts at set points in the storyline).
  • Much of the text is written live (or nearly live) based on an established, defined and structured outline.
  • Main themes, the storyline (plot) and topics related to internal | interpersonal conflict and character development are formulated in advance. Current events, trending news, and relevant headlines, are incorporated into the storyline, as applicable.
  • At specific points, users | viewers | readers are asked to submit content [ text | images | video ] for consideration and review. Readers have the opportunity to become creators, and have their thoughts and ideas become a part of the story. Content is screened and selected based on established criteria, artistic | scientific merit, and for the ability to create a dialogue that furthers the storyline of JayCee HaLLows.
  • The Story (and associated content) of JayCee HaLLows is distributed to the users | viewers | readers using a model as follows: a portion of the supplied content is fee-based (paid, The Four Shadows Digital Newsletter) and a portion is offered at no-charge (free, The Amulet Digital Newsletter). We believe that this model maximizes engagement and enhances the user experience.
  • Official JayCee HaLLowsTM merchandise | affiliate marketing | associate partnerships are forthcoming. Print-on-demand services will be provided by Printful.


  • Internal | External
    • ‘ Man vs Myth vs Machine
    • The New Normal


  • Some things are better left unsaid

Place | Geography | Natural Resources

  • The Gri*d
    • Comprised of the following 4 districts, also known as the Four Shadows:
      • District 1
        • Adult Education
      • District 2
        • Retail | Arts | Entertainment | Dining
      • District 3
        • Utilities | Communications | Transportation
        • Business | Finance
        • Industry | Skilled Trade
      • District 4
        • Travel | Tourism
        • Hospitality
    • Important in the context of City Planning and Land Use
    • Each district occupies a corner area in the central hub of JayCee HaLLows, forming a square
    • The various housing subdivisions | industrial areas | and distribution of utilities | transportation, as necessary, extend out radially and circumferentially from The Four Shadows districts and The Right (see below)
    • [ N. B. The Four Shadows is also the name of the monthly, subscription based, JayCee HaLLows digital periodical ]
  • The Right
    • The District Located centrally, with the Four Shadows located along the periphery
    • Accommodates social services | programming, health care facilities | local governance offices [ guidance; see synarchy ]
    • Embodies that which brings about | exemplifies our freedoms: speech |journalism | media
    • The Invocation
    • Central tenets
      • Owls Creed
      • Cove of Cadence and Covenant
      • Oath of Oaks
  • The Tower of Tears

  • The Unbroken Bay
    • Waterway that encircles the Tower of Tears (and vicinity)
    • Offers protection to the Tower of Tears, that houses The Babyunbroken and their caregivers

  • Section 8
    • Accommodates:
      • Sporting events
      • Recreation | leisure activities
  • Tunnel of Terrors
    • The tunnel (and tributaries) leading to the Land of SYN
  • Land of SYN
    • the parallel to JayCee HaLLows | the underground that lies BELOW JayCee HaLLows and beyond
    • Gives rise to The Isles of Licitation
      • [ ONE ] Reality | R1
  • Scholar, Valour & Day
    • Heartstone
    • Pandora
    • 505
  • Resonance
    • Accommodates | supports the musical arts
      • live music events
      • teaching | practice | rehearsal space
      • studio recording | mixing | mastering
      • instrument making | maintenance | repair
      • Collaboration ( film – music videos, etc)

Character | Creature | Avatar


  • Human (‘Man | Mankind | Man | Woman )

    • Babyunbroken
    • Adults
    • Elders
    • All those in JayCee HaLLows have the surname Keeper
      • Keeper generally follows two or three given names
      • Example: Nathaniel Lennyn William Keeper
    • Exception: The Seekers. This is the group that oversee all that is JayCee (and beyond). They provide guidance, blessings, and protection to everyone and everything of ‘man, myth, and machine. The Seekers are especially important, however, in their roles as caregivers for the BabyUnbroken. They help quiet the tears and the terrors at the home for the children, now out of exile.
      • The Seekers accrue wisdom as the years pass. As such, they come to take on additional names.
      • Each name alludes to the skills, knowledge, and understanding that the Seekers have acquired over the passed years.
    • Protagonists:
      • Evynlee (Evie) Marren (female) Keeper
      • Brynn Baron Brevity (man) Keeper
      • Beatrix Remley (female) Keeper
      • Charody Carrus (female) Keeper
      • Emily Providence (female) Keeper
      • Nathaniel William Lennyn (male) Keeper
      • Caden Cattley (male) Keeper
      • Salman Ali Baron (male) Keeper
  • Tame | Untamed


  • Mystical | Mythical
  • Tame | Untamed


  • Isabella Daedalus Keeper

Language (Unbroken Symantics)

  • The language (scribe) of JayCee HaLLows is known as Unbroken Symantics, which makes use of set of specific characters and glyphs. Six layers of wood were forged together into one. AOVI and Lumenation technologies were used to highlight and showcase the perspective of these characters and glyphs, as seen in the digital images.
  • The characters of the Unbroken language are 4 dimensional icons that function as letters | numerals | syllabics | glyphs
  • Syllabics | Glyphs give rise to a portion of a word, a complete word, or a group of words (phrase).
  • The perspective (shadow / apparent depth) imparted on the icons, as well as their color, sheen, and position on the page or within the phrase, help provide contextual meaning.

Skilled Trades | Labour | Employment

Market | Economy | Finance

Local Governance | Politics

Synarchy (noun, adjective: synarchial): a system of governance/community affiliation/association based on the principles of synergism (the idea that the whole is more than the sum of the component parts; exemplified within the (fictional) story of JayCee HaLLows.

The Running

* The process by which the Head of Four Houses (JayCee) is selected; the start and the end of which is marked by the Owl’s Creed.

* Each participant must face a variety of challenges and overcome obstacles in the wilderness, covering an area of six acres. Challenges are designed to test an individual’s integrity | honour| knowledge of the local area | common sense | decision making capability |instinct | survival skills | physical and mental aptitude | loyalty. Each participant is given: a knife, a compass, a length of rope, a tarp, waterproof matches, a deck of playing cards, and a single additional item of their choice. The lucky seven.

* A total of 8 individuals compete in the Running. Four participants are from JayCee, four participants are from HaLLows.

* The Running is overseen by a team of adjudicators (judges) who ascribe points based on merit. The challenges are so onerous, that many participants concede defeat, and a clear winner is named by default.

* ‘Man | Myth | Machine: The story starts in manner that is not typical of other years. This Running is different. An injustice. An alliance is formed between the two protagonists shortly after it begins. Despite multiple attempts to take down the pair, the alliance is finally recognized, and they are declared victorious.

* The Inauguration marks the official point at which the elect take their official position.

The Invocation

The Owl’s Creed

The Covenant of Cadence

Land Use Planning & Development

  • Potable Water Supply
  • Waste Management

Culture | Socioeconomics

Travel | Tourism


Recreation | Leisure | Amenities

Arts | Entertainment

Infrastructure | Utilities

  • Fossil fuels
  • Hydroelectric
  • Solar
  • Wind

Health | Active Living

  • Primary Health Care
    • Service delivery via The Right (see above)

Media | Communications

National Defense | Peace Keeping

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