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In many cases, digital artwork known as HaLLograms {HaLLographs) are used to help tell the JayCee HaLLows story.

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The HaLLogram is created using a proprietary hybrid, patent pending, processing technology. The technology involves the use of mixed media art, a light source, and the intrinsic reflective and refractive properties of the artwork, to create a spectacular still image or video (typically less than 10 second in length). HaLLograms (HaLLographs are created using a camera (iPhone 12) and a focally placed light source, of variable wavelength, and of variable intensity, that is typically applied intermittently. The artwork is either held in one hand and the camera is held in the other, or the equipment (described here) maybe used. Using the handheld method, the artwork can be cupped in the hand (bent) as the image is captured.

Bending the artwork in-situ changes the angle at which the ambient light interacts with the art, and as such, the way that light is reflected or refracted. The various finishes and materials used to create the artwork (and the contrasting properties between the components), and the ambient light conditions (brightness/intensity/wavelength) give rise to the spectrum of images that may be obtained. A.O. V. I. Technology sets the criteria and specifications with regards to the materials, finishes, and other parameters used when creating the artwork, when capturing the image, and/or during image processing. To obtain the desired finished product, the image is often captured, re-processed (the aforementioned process being repeated), captured again, and then finally, edited.

While capturing the images, the room is often kept dim to dark. A small, focally placed, intermittently applied light source of variable wavelength (typically yellow/blue/red visible light) is used to facilitate image capfire

Secondary light (meaning, light that is reflected off of an object, such as a mirror or any material that has a sheen to the finish, and then interacts with the art/photo) may be utilized

This process creates a 4-dimensional, dynamic image, attributable to the more gradual transition/gradient of reflected/refracted light intensity, than is seen with current technologies. It’s almost as if the image is animated. In fact, it is. The images serve as inspiration for the content of JayCee HaLLows, most notably the characters and storyline. HaLLograms and other applications of AOVI Technology facilitate the process of visual storytelling.

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