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Unbroken Symantics

Unbroken Symantics is the name of the ancillary language (words | phrases | glyphs | characters | syllabics) used within the context of JayCee HaLLows.

Intricate, to: (verb) [ intricating: intransitive verb ] to perform a task that is complex, has many steps, and may require attention to fine detail | fine motor skills (to produce something described as intricate). Example: They spent many a cloudy morning intricating the beads onto her leather mukluks.

Jewelled (adjective | slang ). Perfect. A jewelled fit: something worn or used that fits perfectly | fits like a glove | tailored to the individual | is the perfect size | inspires beauty: something that makes you feel beautiful while wearing it or using it. Usually in reference to an article of clothing. Example: The dress she wore to the Inauguration was a jewelled fit.

Libatous (adjective): related to the effects one might experience while under the influence of alcohol (drink), whether desirable or undesirable, irrespective of cause. Example: The libatous lullaby put her right to sleep.

Licitation(s) (noun): things that are not forbidden; a place, thing, or process that facilitates that which is not forbidden; related to or pertaining to the word licit.

Lyze, to (verb | slang): the act or process of performing analysis. To analyze.

Neosynarchy (noun)| Neosynarchistic (adjective): See Synarchy below. Context: Process by which the JayCee HaLLows societal structure | organization | belief system came about – formed de novo (in situ) out of necessity in response to historical unrest.

Penitence (verb): related to penitent; displaying features | actions | behaviours of a person who is penitent (of good moral character, remorseful, absolved of sin)

Revelate, to (verb): the act or process of forming | acquiring | integrating a new philosophical point of view or perspective; related to revelation; [ Compare to velate | from Latin velatus [veil]: the existing perspective or view point | then, to unveil is to revelate ]

Synarchy (synarchist, noun; synarchial: adjective): a system of governance, community affiliation/association based on the principles of synergism — the idea that the whole is more (greater) than the sum of the component parts (1 + 1 = 3 rather than 1+1= 2); exemplified within the (fictional) story of JayCee HaLLows.; a loosely aggregated but interconnected population base where the intent of the law rules (governs) society | citizens recognize autonomy in context of the greater good and in context of their own underlying shared ideas and values; based on an understanding of the need to collaborate (work together); actions taken to support the greater good are balanced with common sense and an understanding of one’s own needs, self worth and contribution; the moral compass.

Unbroken Symantics:

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