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The Back Road to Quon.

The Series.

Based on the novel JayCee HaLLows.

An adaptation for film.

Created by: Dr. Jennifer Joy Brenley Nyhof

Accountability. Reciprocity. An adjustment.

Repeated words are not redundant.

A society built upon civilization.

Restorative justice.

A morality code.

Your conduct today is seen by those around you. Actions, inactions, the rely, the response. The content of one’s own character

A loaf of bread stolen from a shopkeeper in the name of feeding a hungry family.

A shopkeeper with mouths to feed at home, but only months away from foreclosure.

Pleas to the banker fall on deaf ears.

The banker’s sister: the victim of the most unthinkable violent crime.

The accused: the son of a politician.

The lawyer serves the wife of the politician and the politician himself.

The doctor: the one that stopped the bleeding.

They form an example.

The friend too busy to help you move.

The truck that won’t start the next day.

The mechanic that followed in favor.

Two drinks over the minimum, mind you.

The fall from grace.

What you know, what you don’t. What you think. What you believe.

An act of accountability.

A duty to respond, proportionally.

An act of reciprocity.

Judge, then be judged.

Too forceful.

Too egregious.

To standby,

The same fear.

Perceived imbalance is met with The See. Those that know the truth. The motivation behind the clash. The intention behind the action or the idle. Then, on balance of probability, the effect, the influence on the possible. The potential. The need for restitution brought about over a period of six days every year. The See is now real.

The doctor hit the jackpot.

The lawyer, plagued.

The shop, closed.

The House has won.

The expertise of those on set furthers the very concept of Quon. Public perception, and the manifestation of that perception – the viewer commentary, lends itself, at least in part, to the muse, the plot, the substance of the story.

Is the cardiothoracic surgeon, the one who operated on a dying man in the subway, guilty of malpractice? Do you believe he’s a cardiothoracic surgeon? Do they? It’s the gown, the glove, and the don. A new day. 

A valiant attempt at the verithos: the act, the art, the science of becoming the true am, the true are, the true is. The experiencing, the understanding, even for the briefest of moment, the emotion, the motivation, the belief, or the being of another that is not you.

Drama / Suspense / Creative Non-Fiction, subtly satirical, less subtle wit.

We are the sum of our experiences. Perhaps, maybe, we’re even more than that.

Are you in jeopardy the next time around, or are the eyes on your side?

ONE Reality | R1 exists at the interface between time, place, person, and perception, creating a system of heightened and honed awareness, engagement, sensation, and understanding. Using the principles of AOVI Technology, Lumenation Technology, and a four-dimensional approach to digital media, {JayCee HaLLows}, and adaptations for film [“The Back Road to Quon” and “The BabyUnbroken”] embody all that is ONE.


Three Parts:

  •  The Subject [The HaLLogram / HaLLographTM]
  •  A.O.V.I. Technology [Neurolinguistic Programming / Criteria / The Components]
  • Lumenation Technology [Image Formation / Capture / Processing / Display / Distribution / The Complement]

The HaLLogram / HaLLographTM

The HaLLogram / HaLLograph is created using a proprietary hybrid, patent pending, processing technology. The technology involves the use of mixed media art, a light source, and the intrinsic reflective and refractive properties of the artwork, to create a spectacular still image or collection of images. 

HaLLograms / HaLLographs are created using a camera (iPhone 12) and a focally placed light source, of variable wavelength, and of variable intensity, that is typically applied intermittently. The artwork is either held in one hand and the camera is held in the other, or the equipment (described here) maybe used. Using the handheld method, the artwork can be cupped in the hand (bent) as the image is captured.

Bending the artwork in-situ changes the angle at which the ambient light interacts with the art, and as such, the way that light is reflected or refracted. The various finishes and materials used to create the artwork (and the contrasting properties between the components), and the ambient light conditions (brightness/intensity/wavelength) give rise to the spectrum of images that may be obtained.

A.O. V. I. Technology sets the criteria and specifications with regards to the materials, finishes, and other parameters used when creating the artwork, and Lumenation Technology sets those used when capturing the image, and/or during image processing.

To obtain the desired finished product, the image is often captured, re-processed (the aforementioned process being repeated), captured again, and then finally, edited.

While capturing the images, the room is often kept dim to dark.

A small, focally placed, intermittently applied light source of variable wavelength (typically yellow/blue/red visible light) is used to facilitate image capture.

Secondary light (meaning, light that is reflected off of an object, such as a mirror or any material that has a sheen to the finish) then interacts with the art/photograph) may be utilized in some cases.

This process creates a 4-dimensional, dynamic image, attributable to the more gradual transition/gradient of reflected/refracted light intensity, than is seen with current technologies. It’s almost as if the image is animated. In fact, it is.

The images serve as inspiration for the content of JayCee HaLLows, and adaptation, most notably the character attributes and mythical portions of the storyline.

HaLLograms / HaLLographs and A.O.V.I. / Lumenation Technologies facilitate the process of visual storytelling.

Advanced Digital Media and the ONE Reality (R1) Interface

  • Projection | Perception of the Current Physical Environment (Transparency | Translucency)
  • Incorporation of features of the Physical Environment (Dynamic Reflectivity | Refractivity)
  • Ambient / Augmented Lighting | Color Filters
  • A contextual user / reader / viewer experience
  • Integrated integration: Beyond the Case Study [Neurolinguistic Programming, actioned]

A.O.V.I. and Lumenation Technologies harness, empower, and employ the subtleties that humanize the finished product.

The slightly misshapen cookie. The shorter, crooked carrot. The leave it alone. The learning. The living through.

A scenario that requires some degree of problem-solving, or one that showcases the perfectly imperfect, leads the user / viewer / reader to an answer that is categorical but unique.

The process of getting to the “I get it” adds a layer of authenticity, familiarity because the reader / viewer /receiver of the message has an intrinsic tie to the message and the sender.

A.O.V.I. and Lumenation Technologies help create a contextual / situational experience that encourages the formation of close association / connection with the finished product triggering a more profound response in terms of identity, understanding, and loyalty.

Lumenation Technology [Principles of Image Capture / Formation (Patent Pending)]

Essentially a two-step process:

High resolution camera(s) mounted on a circular track, rotate about the track capturing images at prescribed intervals.

The target object is mounted atop a moveable stage that allows for positioning of the object at the start (entrance) to the track where the images will be captured. Once mounted, the angle / position of the object can be varied at prescribed increments.

Light (natural or artificial) intensity | color (spectrum) | can be varied as the images are captured. Filters may be applied as desired.

Once positioned, the circular track moves, relative to the stage, at prescribed increments and the images are captured. The position | angle of the stage can be varied accordingly.

A car wash analogy: the mechanics behind these technologies are akin to going to a drive through car wash. You drive in, stop, the nozzles spray, and then move and rotate around your vehicle. When finished, the spray arm moves out of the way, and you drive out.

A.O.V.I. and Lumenation technologies are non-penetrating technologies. They DO NOT use any type of x-ray, and they have none of the associated risk factors. Simply put, these technologies involve the use of sophisticated digital cameras that take many pictures, from many vantage points, under different lighting conditions.

Once the images are captured, each “slice” of an image can be formatted as an array, the final image being a matrix of the individual elements.

Red 16. Play on green. On three. 
Season 01. Episode 01. [ Air Date: November 23 2026 ]
I woke up in the 622.
Down the down escalator.
No. It was an elevator.
My mistake.
A walk.
The Millennium Mile I think it was.
The time elapsed.
The fate of Progress and Gloria.
The revival.
7:00 a.m. EST.
Season 01. Episode 02. [ Air Date: November 30 2026 ]
Who do you know in jail?
The throw.
The tow.
1400 meters.
Love, the good guys.
Season 01. Episode 03. [ Air Date: December 07 2026 ]
A new friend helps you break out
of an old routine.
How about another Fortune?
Lucky Numbers 43, 40, 41, 5, 44, 22
Season 01. Episode 04. [ Air Date: December 14 2026 ]
Under construction in the developing world.
The term. 
The decoration. 
You need to read him fast to read him slow.
Proofread the bodies. 
Mixed media.
Close in credits.
Season 01. Episode 05. [ Air Date: December 21 2026 ]
The disposal method was a distribution channel.
The knock out.
3 days.
The turn away. the stars.
The collapse.
The donor list.
Season 01. Episode 06. [ Air Date: December 28 2026 ]
Sure. I can do that. I mean, I don't see why not.
Alright. OK. I guess so.
That seems reasonable. I'll allow it.
If time permits, that's fine.
Also, yes.
Season 01. Episode 07. [ Air Date: January 4 2027 ]
He should have been home hours ago.

Did the plane arrive on time?
Yes, ma’am. It sure did.
Was he on the plane?
I’m sorry, I can’t give out that type of information.

Across the street.
A door opens. A door slams shut.

I think I left my phone in the back seat. Would you mind checking for me?
I haven’t seen it around anywhere, but if it turns up, we’ll call you.

A call back.
I claim.
They make none.

I stepped off the elevator.
Aroused, startled by classic jazz.

They’re in order.

The set.
The sim.

A shout from the man down the street.
A shout from the man down the street.

A gate.
A sign.


Season 01. Episode 08. [ Air Date: January 11 2027 ]
The P-R Segment

Names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved.

She turned her head just in the nick of time. The flag read “Police Lives Matter”. Her attention was stolen as it waved from the driver’s side window.

The three vehicles were parked alongside the bridge, bringing with them a sense of uneasy, ordered chaos.

The plea from a close friend appealed to all of her senses.

He was hurt. Bad.

There wasn’t a lot of time. or their might not be, anyway.

The 22 on the dash silenced the 808.

The ask.

Words ran down his face and they refused to dry quick.


Please help. Anything you can do. Please.


The parking lot was nearly empty. She tossed a few essential items into her purse. She locked the doors to her truck and started walking South.

She boarded the train, north bound, 12 more stops.

Exit. To hospitals. A few more arrows. A revolving door.

Information. The quiet of criss-crossing paths. She sat in wait.

A blessing. An offering, one that could be given without expectation.

The plate remained empty, un-circulated amongst the Masses.

There was no need for her, after all.

The trauma, handled. The tone of the machine dictated by others.

A difficult sort of complex, one now considered the norm by others.

The quest for a perfect trace, rather than an accurate one, bothered her.

But who was she. Really.

She got back on the train and headed home.

A test all along.

She didn’t want to pass.

An alternate ending.


Power down.
Season 01. Episode 09. [ Air Date: January 18 2027 ]
Justification is not a burden of proof. 
Season 01. Episode 10. [ Air Date: January 25 2027 ]
The aftermath of disparage.
A misheard word.
There was no attribution.
Not to further the propaganda.
There are people that think like me.
Not by conceit.
Not by concede.
The rush.
Season 01. Episode 11. [ Air Date: February 1 2027 ]
A path lined with rogue sunflowers and pink lady’s slippers. 
Man the reign of dead poets.
The detention center.
A scholarship program. 
The valor in a day. 
Season 01. Episode 12. [ Air Date: February 8 2027 ]
The cascade of events.
Quarter turns.
The lying dog.
The cop out.
The dark room.
The apprehension of morals.
An improvement.
Season 01. Episode 13. [ Air Date: February 15 2027 ]
The cascade of events. 
Quarter turns.
The lying dog.
The cop out.
The dark room.
The apprehension of morals.
An improvement.
*Off (No Episode) February 22 2027
Season 01. Episode 14. [ Air Date: March 01 2027 ]
Some props.
It was a handle.
No better.
Then nothing.
The wing nut.
The shower.
A Knight to hook two.
There was no pawn.
Season 01. Episode 15. [ Air Date: March 08 2027 ]
The compatible contradiction.
A wise choice.
The selection.
Think back.
It never gets there.
or else.
Season 01. Episode 16. [ Air Date: March 15 2027 ]
6 letters.
It starts with effort.
Season 01. Episode 17. [ Air Date: March 22 2027 ]
The pretense of lucky.
By default.
The filter.
You startled me.
It was bright and in my face.
How are your projects?
10:28 pm.
The due date.
12 more weeks.
Season 01. Episode 18. [ Air Date: March 29 2027 ]
What if and the opposite.
Enrichment from encroachment.
Almost there.
The lost in the bed.
The fill in the blank.
Season 01. Episode 19. [ Air Date: April 05 2027 ]
Work with proceed begs the question. No. 
A single unsolicited ask begs the question. No.
Repeated words are not redundant.
The truth of necessity.
Season 01. Episode 20. [ Air Date: April 12 2027 ]
I like your eyeglasses.
Toe up.
Cheek to cheek.
The smile in the frame.
Season 01. Episode 21. [ Air Date: April 19 2027 ]
69 Broad St. 
Season 01. Episode 22. [ Air Date: April 26 2027 ]*
Bi Mi 
v.24 1982 
11048.00 Biotechnology and Bioengineering 
V. 24. 1 - 12 1982 Index, Contents. 
The county public library. 
Season 01. Episode 23. [ Air Date: May 03 2027 ]*
Wound on your heart
cover your head.
Season 01. Episode 24. [ Air Date: May 10 2027 ]*
The weather station.
After the rain.
Standby one.
Season 01. Episode 25. [ Air Date: May 17 2027 ]
Re: can’t.
Season 01. Episode 26. [ Air Date: May 24 2027 ]
Reward the incarnate.
The loneliness of indoctrination.
Relegated out of her league.
The debate.
The point was well taken.
Standing by.
Season 01. Episode 27. [ Air Date: May 31 2027 ]
Participation, by contention.
Season 01. Episode 28. [ Air Date: June 07 2027 ]
Season 01. Episode 29. [ Air Date: June 14 2027 ]
Two shoes.
18 years later.
Season 01. Episode 30. [ Air Date: June 21 2027 ]
@ Liberty.
Season 01. Episode 31. [ Air Date: June 28 2027 ]
Part 6. Chapter 1. 
Season 01. Episode 32. [ Air Date: July 05 2027 ]
Disorderly conduct.
Season 01. Episode 33. [ Air Date: July 12 2027 ]
555 - 2626
Season 01. Episode 34. [ Air Date: July 19 2027 ]
The L.P.
Another 404.
Season 01. Episode 35. [ Air Date: July 26 2027 ]
One more.
Season 01. Episode 36. [ Air Date: August 02 2027 ]
I worry less. 
Season 24. Episode 35. [ Air Date: July 18 2050 ]
No one knows.
Season 24. Episode 36. [ Air Date: November 23 2050 ]
A capsule. 
Just in time.
The rest is in order.

Gratitude. Past and Forthcoming. 
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