I. { JayCee HaLLows }: ’Man | Myth | Machine.

Part 3. ARise.

Chapter 1: Lyze.

[ Now embedded is the code
Give rise to what has been foretold
Unrest, unless right by JayCee
So pinned on the periphery ]

{ The Cards of Kind }

Chapter 2: Self Deprecation.

Chapter 3: <em>.

Hey, Catch.

To create a scenario, a story.

Something you can’t consciously perceive nor believe. Even after being told.

Something so valuable, it evades recognition.

Something that escapes the realm of the conscious, yet it’s not a sub at all. Instead, a higher order.

A level of authenticity that neither you nor I saw coming.

The double blind. The control. The standard.

The muse.

I see.

Chapter 4: Yes.

Chapter 5: I – A.

Chapter 6: Refine.

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