II. { JayCee HaLLows }: | The New Normal |

Dr Jennifer J B Nyhof

Intended for mature audiences. Discretion is advised.

Background (recommended reading): The premise behind JayCee HaLLows.

I. { JayCee HaLLows }: ’Man | Myth | Machine.

Learn more about A.O.V.I. Technology, Lumenation Technology, and ONE Reality | R1.

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Part 1. The End of the Beginning.

The digital cover artwork for JayCee HaLLows (above) is an example of a HaLLogram, created using a hybrid image capture and processing technology | A.O.V.I. Technology   ONE reality | R1 | JayCee HaLLows
The digital cover artwork for JayCee HaLLows (above) is an example of a HaLLogram, created using A.O.V.I. and Lumenation – hybrid image capture and processing technology ….. read more.

Chapter 1: The Inauguration

Lend on lace and lilac
Give on grit and grace
Borrow to mend the broken
The void in time and place

A thought once for the taking
A memory, just in case
This time a line not crossed
Is the line that connects the race

~ Love, et al
~ Human

The pill, however jagged
The pain of the softest touch
The poise, however jaded
The whisper, “It doesn’t mean much”.
Add caption. JayCee HaLLows. admin@jayceehallows.com. Successability.
Add captcha. JayCee HaLLows. admin@jayceehallows.com

Chapter 2: The Gri*d.

The stitch, the hash
The ladder, the loss
The thorn, the sign
The ring, a toss

Ahead, behind

The round, untrue
The fierce, the force
In time, __________

Ampersand, for good reason. ​JayCee hallows . NLP
And, for good reason.

Chapter 3: The Isles of Licitation.

Chapter 4: Scholar, Valour, and Dae.

The pen is for your thoughts.
Power, the point.
Polished, both preference and perception.
Persuasion, the voice.
Intersection, Introspection
The sequence of sequins
The tone of inflection
Persecution, their solution
The problem, propaganda
Perseverance, in perpetuity
The preference, one side
Lends now, the correction.

Chapter 5: Bound and Bridged.

Shared, retained
Verse, refrain

The Line up. 
The Orientation.
The Queue.

The wrap of Pandora.
The soul in our shoes.

To choose.
The chance. The choice.

A voice, for good reason.
Or not.

To quiet tears. To quiet terrors.

The quite of contemplation.
Or not.
The Outline. Books lined up on the shelf in a library. Labelled non-linear programming. JayCee hallows.
The Outline.

Chapter 6: The Edge of Everlasting.

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